Jean Thomas - Vino Mofo Brands that use data to drive insights - Buzz products created a fridge for budlight - data and replenishment - realtime data in your time. US market 70% consumption in home, most marketing dollars spent for venues Product shows how beverages inside the fridge Marketing opportunities to understand when some people are running low on drinks in the fridge and send a coupon Created relationships with beer delivery services Hundreds of thousand of products in the home. What can be done to push the marketing envelope What temperature do people like to drink there beer at Understand how people are using your product in realtime <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Companies using data to inform casting decisions in China @mattdamon_ #panel @vinomofo @aryehaussie #adtechANZ

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Users are searching less and discovering more. Narcos - Wouldn't search for because you didn't know it existed. Users are spending much less time searching Amazing experiences are what power us Story works - BBC decision about content, sport and innovation



Marketing companies spending more on analytics Price promo motions drive short term increase in sales No ROI on TV / Print. Correlate purchase intention in base sales Move 1% of the "makes your skin soft" term which will give a dollar value from sales.




  • 3D's of audience targeting
  • Behavioural targeting and audience
  • Platform agnostic across video / television
Increasing the necessity of humanising data Why our viewers consumer the way they consume. connect with people in the moments that matter Tomorrow argument is WHY is that data important  


Germany's "Miniatur Wunderland" is the world's largest model railway. With over 50,000 feet of track connecting seven distinct areas, it's one of the most impressive models you'll ever see in your life.  

From Tech, a Flipboard magazine by Alec Ellin

Germany's "Miniatur Wunderland" is the world's largest model railway. With over 50,000 feet of track…

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