NOTE:  Please find my crude notes taken from Ad:tech Sydney March 2016. Please excuse any typos as this was written on the fly and with my life is now consumed with my beautiful 5 month old  daughter and work @ROKT. As such this hasn’t been edited, typos and poor autocorrections from my iPad Pro will entail. 


Evolve from commercials to content – move from disruptive to engaging advertising

10 fundamentals of #content #marketing

Topical valuable and relatable content is key

Michael shanks Sochi video that went viral

Rhettandlink – YouTube viral video creators –

“When people share this, what 10 words will they use to describe it to their friends”

Discoverability – trending and evergreen

Geico example – scape goal example “It’s what you do..”

Ensure a good split of evergreen plus trending topics

Stereotypes but dude perfect – great content

PepsiCo ad on football with in uk with projected field and drones




Must be talking to the customers – responding to audience,

Toyota brand example – Toyota hilux material add – “SKIP IT… SKIP IT..”

Make compelling videos..

Interactivity –

Who won, who’s text, you decide ERB video on YouTube.

Jamie Oliver – choose your own adventure

Consistency –

Don’t focus on timing of content, but the content in content.

“Capture your tent poles and string your content throughout the year on these core topics”

Bad lip reading – great format of dubbing over content with lip reading.

Nike –

Sustainability –

If the audience loves it can you make more of it.

Tent pole moments – each of the product launches this are the things we need to focus all attention towards on our content strategy

Focus on high attention moment


Learn YouTube’s top strategies for developing digital content. Think long haul, not one commercial at a time. Develop a content strategy to grow loyal customers. Build a sustainable customer base that you can engage in a relationship with.

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Stewart Barrett is an agile, results oriented data driven digital strategist & business focused online marketer with over 10 years’ experience. Passionate about businesses that challenge and disrupt markets, who is inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of digital.

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