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Brands that use data to drive insights –

Buzz products created a fridge for budlight – data and replenishment – realtime data in your time.
US market 70% consumption in home, most marketing dollars spent for venues

Product shows how beverages inside the fridge
Marketing opportunities to understand when some people are running low on drinks in the fridge and send a coupon
Created relationships with beer delivery services
Hundreds of thousand of products in the home.

What can be done to push the marketing envelope
What temperature do people like to drink there beer at
Understand how people are using your product in realtime

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Companies using data to inform casting decisions in China @mattdamon_ #panel @vinomofo @aryehaussie #adtechANZ

— Stewart Barrett (@stewface) March 15, 2016


NOTE:  Please find my crude notes taken from Ad:tech Sydney March 2016. Please excuse any typos as this was written on the fly and with my life is now consumed with my beautiful 5 month old  daughter and work @ROKT. As such this hasn’t been edited, typos and poor autocorrections from my iPad Pro will entail. 


Starwood results – leverage data about the people who stay in there hotels, finding making reservations up to personalized greetings – even opening door at your hotel.

More plesent experience For customers

Qantas does a lot around customer experience with digital – working together making flying from a – b a better experience

Uber – use of geolocation data, passenger data and directing traffic.

Business departments that can use data to really make a difference.

Use data to inform casting decisions – bringing candidates to a role back on data aggregated e.g. Matt Damon had more results in China compared with other actors that interviewed.

Organization need a lot of thought on what data to collect and it should be managed

Want an easy 20% increase in revenue to your website…??? Just be mobile ready!

Adobe media Optimisation – attribution “avoid big atribution projects start small”

Netflixs – nailed recommendation – 70% of users view based on recommendation.

Transactions / Loyality was everything now things have changed – people behaviors changes as soon as they are using that product.

Data needs proper governance around it – without it can be worthless. Set the process, inform customers how you will use it, learn & profit

Make sure people are completely comfortable about the data you collect.


Many of the world’s leading brands are well on their way to making the most of their data through the effective deployment of a wide range of technologies and platforms. But are all technologies and platforms equal, and what technologies are most appropriate at different stages of a big data journey, or for companies of varying sizes?

Understanding the wider possibilities of big data and marketing automation platforms, and the challenges brands face in developing appropriate technology stacks, is the focus of this panel. The panel will challenge brand owners and subject matter experts at differing stages of their data journey to share the experience and insights they’ve gained along the way.

Author: Stewart Barrett

Stewart Barrett is an agile, results oriented data driven digital strategist & business focused online marketer with over 10 years’ experience. Passionate about businesses that challenge and disrupt markets, who is inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of digital.

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