The agile enterprise – decisions made in near real time.

Data is silo’d

You might get information all feeding into the one channel so you can make quick decisions

You need to see all your data transformed into one wholistic dashboard –



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Assumed audience vs actual audience – Always compare marking data in realtime! Be #agile #adtechANZ

— Stewart Barrett (@stewface) March 15, 2016


NOTE:  Please find my crude notes taken from Ad:tech Sydney March 2016. Please excuse any typos as this was written on the fly and with my life is now consumed with my beautiful 5 month old  daughter and work @ROKT. As such this hasn’t been edited, typos and poor autocorrections from my iPad Pro will entail. 


media spend
Online sales
Offline sales
Paid media activity

Case study –

Assumed audience vs actual audience

Always compare this realtime.


Information and insights-fuelled marketing will be the essential tool in the arsenal of the future marketing leaders of Australia and beyond. Data driven decision making will transform to a far more sophisticated way of drawing insights from all marketing and media buying activities which can be analysed and extrapolated in real-time in order to make on-the-fly decisions which can provide a great impact on your marketing ROI.

In this presentation, Rohan Mehrotra from Sparc Media will explain the concept of “information and insights-fuelled marketing” and educate you on how to get ready for this exciting marketing innovation which will lead to a greater understanding of your customers and maximisation of your media buying and marketing budget.

Author: Stewart Barrett

Stewart Barrett is an agile, results oriented data driven digital strategist & business focused online marketer with over 10 years’ experience. Passionate about businesses that challenge and disrupt markets, who is inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of digital.

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