What does ad format do for my brand
What are people doing dropping consideration,
Is native performing better (or costing more)

When should you put in the frequency caps

Nivea were tailoring ads to digital / online for video

What is the impact of tailoring that to the medium.



NOTE:  Please find my crude notes taken from Ad:tech Sydney March 2016. Please excuse any typos as this was written on the fly and with my life is now consumed with my beautiful 5 month old  daughter and work @ROKT. As such this hasn’t been edited, typos and poor autocorrections from my iPad Pro will entail. 


Digital’s share of media spend grows larger every year, yet few marketers can truly isolate and understand the impact of this expenditure on their brand. In this session we explore new technology that allows marketers to quickly & cost effectively gauge not only the overall impact of digital spend on brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intent, but also the ability to drill down to evaluate:

The impact of device on brand (mobile, desktop, tablet)
The impact of ad format (standard display vs rich vs native vs video)
The impact of different messages & creatives on multiple audience
In addition, with a rising share of the digital pie being bought programmatically, we will show you how you can evaluate data providers to ensure that you are hitting the audiences you are after. All-in-all, these insights will empower you and your agency to drive your brand forward with the most efficient spend possible.

Author: Stewart Barrett

Stewart Barrett is an agile, results oriented data driven digital strategist & business focused online marketer with over 10 years’ experience. Passionate about businesses that challenge and disrupt markets, who is inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of digital.

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