Eminè Mehmet

2 January 2016
  • Emine


Eminè’s efforts in building a personal brand has been an inspiration and Stewart has been very proud to be selected as a partner to help bring that hard work to life on the web. She is an inspirational visionary when it comes to sustainable design and a fantastic person to work alongside, it’s positive to see someone putting in such hard work in to better the environment.

With the requirements to have a simple, easy to edit and update site that could cater for her growing requirements as she expands her range of service offerings we selected to work with WordPress to allow for future growth with this dynamic platform.

Over the years we have expanded out from a simple homepage to a blog, portfolio with full social media integration, sustainability events website to a nation wide sustainable design competition.

Utilising cost effective SaaS solutions we have been able to roll out integrated an integrated CMS across all sites and include event ticketing solutions and allow for simple year on year rollovers for future developments. Allowing Eminè to focus on getting more businesses to think sustainably in their construction and design.

Client: Eminè Mehmet
Skills: Project Management, Web Design, UI/UX