2 January 2016
  • Littlesings


This was an inspirational project working in a unique niche for a product that hasn’t been tried before. Littlesings captures a young child’s voice in a unique way, having them slowly read out the lyrics to a song and harmoniously mixing into the music to produce a beautiful memento of your young child’s voice and capturing a snapshot of their unique personality frozen in time.

The Littlesings website was a passion project for Stewart where he really needed to capture the dynamic nature of the product. For the project to be successful he needed to expose the emotive value of the product which called for a very animated visual site that really showed off the true value of the product. With beautiful typography and pastel colours he was able to encapsulate the heart of soul of a childs voice.

The client requested a single page responsive site that would work across all devices, utilising CSS animation and interactive hover effects he was able to really encapsulate the excitement of the process.

Working with some sensationally inspirational people really have the project along the extra edge the client was looking for that made it into the site it is today. Stewart happen to be very lucky on this project progress to be working with a fantastic photographer Andreas Smetana who provided some incredible imagery to work with that was able to really push this project forward!

Client: Littlesings
Skills: Creative Design, Development