2 January 2016


SHESAID was Australia’s first premier female fashion site launching back in 1999 and was the go to website for everything beauty, style and entertainment related. ROKT acquired SHESAID in 2013 and Stewart lead a team to completely redeveloped the site with a new premium branding and undertake a full marketing strategy to relaunch.

The site was structured after an extensive search traffic audit basing the category hierarchy on the current trends based on search volumes. When we relaunched the site the existing traffic base was only bringing in 12k visits per month. With a strong SEO & social media campaign along side some fantastic content we drove up the sites exposure amassing close to 20 million page views since relaunch.

We have now launched the site in five regions (AU,NZ,SG,US,UK) and we are posting dozens of fresh content pieces each week. Over the last 3 years SHESAID’s unique marketing approach has enabled it to acquire over 1 million members to site across the globe who are receiving weekly e-newsletters and we are proud to now see over 1.1 million page views per month.

Client: ROKT
Skills: Project Management, Digital Strategy