2 January 2016
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Ever since creating Competition Crazy Stewart has wanted to build something bigger, break free from the competition niche and find a bigger audience.

Tomorro is a global promotion aggregation site where people are encouraged to dream generously and give back to the community. The goal is to give credibility to online promotions with transparent messaging and listing of all competitions run, prize values distributed, winners listed along with historic records of previous promotions.

The core ideology of the site is a focus towards charity enabling people to “Find a better Tomorro”. With specific promotions linked to charities plus causes, giving both an additional way of filtering promotions and providing portion of revenue to benefit others, creating a win win experience for all involved.

With the goal of increasing the credibility & trust for online promotions for both consumers and ROKT partners & advertising while also fulfilling regulatory requirements with legal compliance, publication of winners & alternative forms of entry the site is on track to meet all its key objectives.

With the alignment towards charities and the halo effect that it brings the site is proving to be an excellent source of new business for the core ROKT platform from both a partnerships & advertising perspective.

Over time the site as the site develops the plan is to add user & business login to enable easy entry, personalised content and tracking of promotion entries, improving on the trust factors to help people understand the most reliable prize sponsors. Further down the track integration of a deals and offers platform that will utilise the charity methodology allowing business and consumers to give back upon offer activation.

Client: ROKT
Skills: Project Management, Digital Strategy
Delivered Date: 10th December 2015
Visit Site: https://tomorro.com